How to Get the Most Out of Your Access Control Systems

You have a responsibility to keep your employees safe at work and to ensure your intellectual property and assets do not fall into the wrong hands. Access control systems provide physical barriers between trespassers and your property, providing peace of mind that your premises (or specific areas within your premises) can only be accessed by authorised personnel. However, keeping trespassers out isn’t the only benefit of an access control system for your business.

At Advance Security, we’ve been installing commercial security systems for businesses in Cambridge for over 20 years, and outline below some of the key benefits that our customers have experienced as a result of access control deployment.

Person-Specific Access Control

In addition to protecting your premises and employees from trespassers and criminals, access control systems are a handy tool to help regulate staff and visitor access to restricted or dangerous areas. For example, if an area of your premises contains harmful chemicals which only some employees are trained to handle safely, you can restrict access to these people by assigning an electronic tag to their ID card or thumbprint which is automatically recognised at the access control point.  Anyone without this electronic tag will be unable to enter.

This feature can also be very helpful if you have a regular intake of trainees, interns, or contractors who may not be authorised to access certain areas of your premises, such as data storage centres.

Time-Specific Access Control

Access control systems can also be programmed to only authorise access to individuals within a certain time frame or on specific days. These time restrictions ensure that the premises are unable to be accessed outside of working hours, or can only be accessed at night time by cleaning staff.

This feature is also helpful when granting access to part time employees, as it ensures that access is only authorised during their working hours, and their key card will not work outside of these times.

Personal Profiles

By combining the information above, you can create an electronic personal profile for employees in specific roles. These profiles can be broad, or contain specific rules which allow or restrict access to certain areas during specific times of the day.

Advance Security has over 20 years of experience in the security sector providing access control installations to businesses in Cambridge and the surrounding areas. To arrange a free site survey or to get an access control system quote, complete our contact form today.