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Avigilon operates in over 120 countries worldwide and is an industry leading producer of reliable, high technology access control and CCTV systems.  The supplier of choice for many businesses in the UK, the company offers customisable security solutions for all types of premises.

Avigilon access control platforms are extremely flexible and can be adapted to suit the ever-changing needs of businesses today.   All of Avigilon’s access control products are browser based, so do not require software installation – thereby delivering ready to use solutions which save you time and money.

The company offers two core products which cover most security needs.  The Access Control Manager (ACM) Embedded Controller is their entry level system which covers basic security requirements and the Access Control Manager (ACM) which is ideal for environments requiring higher levels of security.

As authorised Avigilon installers, Advance Security can quickly assess your access control needs and recommend solutions to protect your premises from unauthorised access.

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Access Control Manager (ACM) Embedded Controller™

An easy to use, entry-level access control system for small to medium sized businesses – the ACM Embedded Controller can be used to secure up to 16 doors.   This easy to install system uses the HID VertX EVO® V1000 controller with Avigilon’s factory installed software and an easy to use browser-based application – eliminating costly server components.  The system can also be remotely accessed via the Internet.

The browser based software makes it easy to understand, program and navigate. With only five tabs in the navigation structure, you are never more than one or two clicks away from performing most system operations. Whether you’re doing a routine backup or running an update, you can maintain and manage the system from virtually any location over the Internet.

Avigilon™ Access Control Manager

Avigilon’s Access Control Manager offers end-to-end security solution, helping organisations keep people, property and assets safe. A high-end, IT friendly, role based system, the ACM has the flexibility to work with the systems you already have and can be adapted to the changing needs of your business.

The Access Control Manager has been built with the IT professional in mind and can seamlessly integrate with your existing databases and IT systems – enabling you to manage permissions centrally. 100% browser based, the ACM allows full access from any device, anywhere, enabling you to respond to an incident immediately from wherever you are.  Thanks to Avigilon’s preconfigured server, the ACM access control solution takes only minutes to install.

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