Benefits of Access Control Systems for Businesses

There are a vast number of security threats and risks associated with running a business so why not minimise your risk and exposure by introducing an access control system to your site?

With access control systems, you can limit and keep track of all people entering designated areas while facilitating easy access for authorised personnel.


The added layer of security will also help ensure that unwanted visitors are redirected before accessing restricted areas that may hold valuable and sensitive company data, such as a server room, HR department, or storage areas for high-value items.


SSAIB-certified Advance Security can help guide you through the process of choosing the right access control system that will meet not only your security needs but also your budget.


Key Benefits of Control Systems


Here are some of the key benefits of installing an access control system at your business premises:


  • Keys can be difficult to locate and easy to lose. Access control systems offer a safe and reliable alternative which are much easier to keep track of and control.


  • Role-based access control for restricted areas allows you to limit access by job title or seniority to certain areas such as server rooms, Finance or HR departments.


  • Changes to authorised personnel can be implemented from any device, anywhere, at the touch of a button. If you wish to restrict access to a disgruntled employee, you can do so quickly and easily without needing to change locks or recall key cards.


  • Time stamps can help document and verify employees’ working hours and attendance. They can also be used to establish timelines of work-related incidents.


  • In the event of an emergency evacuation, access control systems can be used as reference tools to help determine the number of people present at the site during the incident.


Types of Access Control

Advance Security offers two core control system options which cover a wide range of security needs and efficiently address common security related concerns.


  1. The Access Control Manager (ACM) Embedded Controller is an entry-level access control system for small to medium sized businesses. The user-friendly ACM Embedded Controller uses Avigilon’s factory installed software along with browser-based applications that is secure and easy to navigate.


  1. For companies that require higher levels of security, Avigilon Access Control Manager is designed to provide increased user control combined with flexible integration tools to merge existing company databases and IT systems.


Choosing a Trusted Provider

Every business environment is unique and requires a tailored approach which reflects their security needs. Advance Security offers hassle-free and customisable security packages varying from entry level to higher level security access control systems.


Get Help with Your Access Control System

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